Boat Salvage

We BUY Quality Boats for Salvage:

Call us and we will take that less than quality boat off your hands for a fee.


Many people go to salvage yards to get parts for a discounted price when they have something in their car that breaks. If you own a boat, you can do the same thing by visiting us here at Maritime Mobile Service. We offer boat salvage services that allow you to buy discounted parts off of other boats that have been discarded or retired.


Having the ability to select from a large variety of salvaged boats can save you time and money, especially if you have a specialized boat that takes specific parts. Because boats last so long, some parts can actually stop being manufactured, which leaves you the option of pulling the part off of a similar or identical boat.


If you have an older boat that no longer is being made, or a boat with specialized parts, come visit us at Maritime Mobile Service as we have the largest selection of salvage boat parts in the Portland Oregon ~ Vancouver, WA area.

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